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Vaginas and Periods 101

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Vaginas and Periods 101: A Pop-Up Book is a fun and creative way to learn more about vaginas, periods and the period care options out there - including menstrual cups and period panties!  

It uses pop-ups and colorful graphics to normalize anatomy aesthetics and menstruation.

Great for pre-teens who are soon to get their period or for any young person wanting to know more about periods in general - this is the book we wish we’d had when we were growing up.

Authors Christian Hoeger and Kristen Lilla are licensed mental health therapists and sex educators, who saw a need to normalise menstruation. 

“We want young people to feel comfortable in their bodies throughout puberty and into adulthood. Plus, we know not only girls/women menstruate so we've been very intentional to not use pronouns in the book and to include non-binary characters.”

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