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Hello Pad

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Say ‘hello’ to the best reusable + washable pad on the planet. 

The Hello reusable Pad is here to make period life easier, stress-free and more eco-friendly. How? The Hello Pad holds the same as 5 regular pads or tampons, it's leak-proof, machine-washable and tumble-dryer friendly! But wait there’s more - the Hello Pad is not just for periods - it's great for light bladder leakage and postpartum care too.

Introducing, the HELLO PAD:

Thin But Thirsty
The patented leak-proof technology in your Hello Pad is darn reliable - you can wear it all day. Hello Pads hold the same as FIVE regular single-use tampons or pads!

Not just for periods
Hello Pad is a great option for bladder leakage, postpartum, and periods.

Machine-Washable + Tumble-Dryable
Unlike most other brands, the Hello Pad doesn't have a polyurethane plastic layer which means it can be tumble-dried! It also means there’s no ‘crackly’ sound when you move around.

No Bunching + Annoying Wings
The delicate silicone pattern on the underside ensures it stays put and doesn’t bunch so you can say goodbye to pads with annoying wings. There are also handy straps on the side that you can choose to use to hold the pad in place. 

World-Class Technology
Our patented fabric technology means moisture is whisked away super quick meaning you feel dry and comfortable.

Our Hello Pads come individually packed. The measurements are:

Full length: 26.5cm (10.4 inches)

Width at narrowest point: 6.5cm (2.5 inches)

Width at widest point: 11.5cm (4.5 inches)

Thickness: 2mm (just over 1/16 inch)

Recommended underwear when wearing a Hello Pad: 
To ensure that your Hello Pad can stick around, we recommend firm-fitting cotton underwear. The smoother the underwear surface, the less the silicone can stick and hold in place.

Hello Pad

Hello Pad


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New Zealand New Zealand

Great but straps rub against delicate skin

I have five of these now. I’m very grateful to the women who are responsible for this. A big thank you. The straps do rub against the very delicate corner between your thigh and private area / groin, though. The straps are not the easiest to remove, the fabric bunches up into itself so you can’t unhook the straps. The pad does not seem to stay in place either. I wonder if there could be another version that borrows the button design and style from the pantiliners instead? Thank you


The Hello Cup

Have a try with your firmest fitting underwear - also make sure that the fabric of the underwear isn't too smooth and shiny - this should help then stay in place. Once you are happy with the underwear holding the pad, you can cut the straps off close to the pad so that they won't bother you any longer. Love from team Hello Period xx

New Zealand New Zealand

Finally Reliable Pads!

I was so excited when I saw Hello started doing reusable pads! I have vulvodynia so find reusable period wear hard to find as cups are too painful to use and not all the undies on the market are made equal. My pain inflames around my period and I find the material of the reusable pads so much gentler and breathable than wearing disposable pads which makes for a happier period experience! These pads are so reliable too! They are much more absorptive than disposable pads and are so much better with side leakage. I can wear them out and not worry about any mishaps. The only issue I have with them is when I take my underwear off ie to go to the bathroom the pad will move around a bit which isn’t ideal when it’s full, and sometimes the belt comes undone, I think it has also stretched a little or is a touch too long. They do slide side to side a bit throughout the day but a bit of quick adjustment fixes that. Other than that I love these and have bought myself more so I’ll eventually have a full set!


The Hello Cup

This is amazing to hear! We are thrilled to be part of a much more positive period for you! Thank you for sharing the details of your experience. Love from team Hello Period xx

Kim C.
New Zealand New Zealand


These are so good! It barely feels like I'm wearing a pad, so easy to wash and dry too. My 12-year old daughter loves these too - she only wears period undies otherwise because she hates any other pads.


The Hello Cup

Great! We are really pleased to hear that both you and your daughter are loving the pads! Love from team Hello Period xx

United States United States

Forever pad

Love the sustainability of this product. There is what looks like a bra strap to go around your underwear to secure the pad in place. I experience difficulty in using this strap, the buttons on the panty liner work amazing. I love this product. I wish there were more options on sizing such a as long.


The Hello Cup

We love to hear your feedback! You can chop the strap off if it bothers you - just make sore to wear firm fitting and not super smooth underwear to help the silicone keep the pad in place. We are hoping to be able to offer more sizes in the future (no immediate plans though!) Love from team Hello Period xx


Forever pad

Love the sustainability of this product. There is what looks like a bra strap to hold it around your underwear in place. The snaps on the pantyliners work much better. I experience difficulty with the strap staying put. I love this product. Wish there were more options of sizing, such as long, etc.


The Hello Cup

Just chop that strap off! Glad you love it! Love from team Hello Period xx