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Say ‘hello’ to the world’s most innovative, comfortable and easy to remove menstrual disc. 

The Hello Disc™ features a patented double looped tab for easy removal. Say ‘goodbye’ to fishing around for your menstrual disc - and ‘hello’ to a true period game-changer.

An easy ‘one size fits most’ and made from soft, premium FDA-registered silicone, the Hello Disc™ will provide hours of leak-proof protection. 

Unlike menstrual cups, a Hello Disc™, which holds the equivalent of 5 tampons, is held in place by being tucked under the pubic bone rather than via suction - meaning they are a great option if you have an IUD. 

Inserted correctly, your Hello Disc™ will provide hours of leak-proof protection.  Go about all of your daily activities or sleep soundly without worry about your period. Heck you can even have mess-free period sex with your Hello Disc™ in - less laundry, more good times! Hell yeah. 

The double-looped removal tab means the Hello Disc™ can be worn several ways.

Inserting your Hello Disc™ is easy. Fold lengthwise and insert with the tab end last to enter your body. Push the rim up and tuck behind the pubic bone. Our premium silicone is comfortable and slides in easily.

Four ways to wear your Hello Disc™... 


NOTE: Hello Disc™ color will differ slightly from the prototype pictured. 

  • Capacity: 50ml / 1.7 fluid oz
  • Diameter: 68mm
  • Looped tab length: 48mm

Backstory on how and why we developed the Hello Disc™.

Let’s face it, the period industry has been far from innovative over the years. But as a company we’re here to change that. After seeing so many people love our award-winning Hello Cups, we wanted to keep the innovation going and offer more great sustainable period care options.

While menstrual discs have been growing in popularity, we found most discs hard and messy to remove so we decided to team up with renowned menstrual cup and disc guru, Kim Rosas to design the Hello Disc™. We wanted to design a disc that was not only easy and less messy to remove, but also one that was able to be used by as many people with periods as possible. We’re not here to make a disc that looks like the other ones on the market. The looped removal tab of the Hello Disc™ can be worn four ways - making the Hello Disc™ more accessible and suited to different body shapes and sizes. We’re pretty darn happy with it. 


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