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Your guide to finding the perfect menstrual cup 💞

Your guide to finding the perfect menstrual cup 💞

From your friends at Hello.

Hey team,

Welcome to our Hello Gang. We’re so happy you chose the most trusted menstrual cup on the planet. 

While we know in time that using a menstrual cup is game-changing, when you start out using your Hello Cup, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. 

This is totally normal! Thee menstrual cup world can be a lot to take in – especially if you’ve been using pads or panty liners all your period life.

What really matters is finding the perfect menstrual cup for you.

But before we get into that, let’s touch on what menstrual cups are and break down some misconceptions.

A menstrual cup is a reusable bell-shaped cup used to manage periods. Most menstrual cups are made from silicone or TPE. Inserted into the vagina, they sit just below the cervix to catch and collect menstrual blood. Unlike tampons and pads, cups collect menstrual blood rather than absorb it. They can be worn for up to 12 hours and are removed, emptied and reinserted as needed.

While they were first developed in the 1930s, menstrual cups have gained more popularity in recent years because they are both cost effective and eco friendly thanks to the fact a menstrual single cup will last for several years, eliminating the need for single-use period products like pads, panty liners and tampons. Menstrual cups can hold more blood than most other period management options.

While there are a range of menstrual cup options available on the market – none are quite like The Hello Cup.

You may be thinking, ’you would say that’ – but there’s a long list of reasons people across the US (and around the world) are making the change (especially you, proud feminist and environmentalist Gen Zers).

What makes the Hello Cup the best menstrual cup?

Hello Cups are the only menstrual cup designed by a Registered Nurse. This means they have top quality, functionality and comfort in mind.

Hello Cups are totally safe. They’re made from high-quality medical-grade materials - the same as used in hospital medical equipment with absolutely no nasty chemicals, and are FDA-certified.

Hello Cups are so much more sustainable. One Hello Cup is equivalent to over 2,000 single-use pads, which are often filled with microplastics and take over 500 years to break down in landfill. One Hello Cup menstrual cup can be reused for around 5 years. 

And, you’ll be saving money – even if you have a backup or two (or four, like us).

There’s our super cute colours. We’re all for choosing a menstrual cup that fits your own personal vibe. 

Did we mention they are suuuuper comfortable? Whatever you do best, you can keep on doin’ it with a Hello Cup.

About those rumors...

Anyway, we answer the most common questions we get asked here, including how to use them, but let’s get some things out of the way first.

One size does not fit all 

It might fit most – but we’re all shaped a little bit differently, and down there is no exception. That’s why we have a range to suit everyone, including specialist cups for specific cervix heights. Check out our Cervix Measurement Guide if you’re unsure.

It’s going to be messy

It’s not, we promise. It may take some time to get used to removing your menstrual cup, but once you do, you’ll be able to safely remove your cup with no mess or leakage.

Need some help? Check out our removal video, here.

Is it going to stretch me out?

Nah-uh. Your vagina is able to stretch and expand, yes, but will always revert to its natural state.

Do they leak?

If inserted correctly, and emptied when necessary, it shouldn’t. With Hello Cups, always remember to use what we call the ‘Shallow Punchdown Fold’. This is different to a ‘C’ fold which you may’ve heard of. Why the Shallow Punchdown? Because Hello Cups are made from medical-grade TPE and have an internal rim for comfort, the Shallow Punchdown Fold is the one that works best. 

Check out our fold video here to show you how.

When it comes to leakage, it’s also important the right size and type of menstrual cup. Bringing us to…

How do I find the perfect menstrual cup?

Before you find your perfect fit, you’ll need to measure your cervix. It’s important to know the position of your cervix as this can affect the way you should insert your Hello Cup and can also find the right cup for you. Our standard Hello Cups are made for people with an ‘average’ cervix height - but we often find people with a high cervix are able to use them too.

Here’s that handy guide again. 

Once you’ve got your type, you simply need to choose a size.

Our size quiz will help you work that one out.

Here’s what we’ve typically found:

Hello Cup XS is great for teens, petite users and those who prefer smaller period products (e.g a ‘mini’ tampon).

Hello Cup S/M is a good middle ground, and often fits people of all ages – particularly those who stay really active.

Hello Cup L is generally for those above 35 or who feel like they need a roomier fit.

Then, simply match the size with your cervix type.

If you have an average-sized cervix, our standard Hello Cups are going to fit best.

Find out your cervix is high? You might find the regular Hello Cup fits just fine! However, if you have a really high cervix, you may need a specialist high cervix cup. We’ll have one available real soon.

For you low-cervix people out there, we have a specially designed Low Cervix Hello Cup, without the toggle (so it doesn’t stick out uncomfortably).

And there you have it. When you’ve done all of this, you should have narrowed your selection down to the perfect cup.

Now comes the hardest part – choosing a color.

If you’re in between sizes or aren’t totally sure, we also offer Double Boxes with two different sizes included. In fact, lots of people find they can wear two sizes comfortably.

We strongly believe in developing period education in the US and tackling period poverty.

If this is something that gets you fired up, too – our chic, timeless Hello Cup Black is for you. A percentage of every purchase goes towards #HappyPeriod, an amazing charity working with people in hardship and providing them with safe and accessible period products.

Questions? Concerns? Like the cut of our jib? (we’re not totally sure what that means).

You can contact your Hello Cup family anytime.


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