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The Great Tampon Shortage Of 2022 - Now Is The Time To Use A Menstrual Cup

The Great Tampon Shortage Of 2022 - Now Is The Time To Use A Menstrual Cup

‘The great tampon shortage of 2022’ - well, that’s a headline you probably didn’t see coming from Time Magazine. 

Tampons have been extinct in our household for years anyway so it’s not causing me any alarm so I thought I’d share why now is the perfect time for anyone else with a period to consider switching to sustainable period products  too. 

Since discovering menstrual cups, menstrual discs and period underwear not one tampon has been near my vajayjay. I just wish I’d made the switch sooner. 

Tampons are uncomfortable, expensive, unreliable and can contain things you don’t really want to put in your vagina let alone anywhere else.

Put simply, while they might look a bit daunting, period cups and period discs have so many benefits. They hold so much more, they are more comfortable and they are reusable for years - so if there’s a tampon - you don’t need to worry. 

Switching to a menstrual cup changed my life so much, it inspired me to start Hello Period. I’d spent years dealing with leaking, smelly tampons. They were expensive and unreliable. And - while I didn’t really know it at the time - pretty terrible for the environment.

Did you know the first tampon ever used is still somewhere on our planet? Pretty gross, huh? They might look all cottony and decomposable, but they ain’t. Many contain micro plastics - not that you’d know it thanks to a lack of mandatory ingredient reporting on period product packaging in most countries. 

Hello Cups, Hello Discs and our newly released Hello Undies not only hold more than tampons, but they last for years. 

Just a few years ago they were virtually unheard of, but now reusable period products are the way of the future. 

Say goodbye to tampons and hello to sustainable period care. 

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