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How to period better when on vacation

How to period better when on vacation

Vacation time is filled with family, festivities and fun. For many of us, that means a whirlwind of travel, stayovers, and constantly being on the go.

Exciting? You bet! But things can definitely become a little more stressful when you’re on your period. Not having the safe haven of your bathroom nearby can be a real source of anxiety, particularly when you’re out of period products, you’re on your last pair of underwear, and the corner store has closed for the evening. 

For many people with periods, the best way to avoid this headache was with strategic use of contraceptives to avoid having their periods when on vacation. The thing is, that’s simply not an option for everyone.

Know what is an option for everyone? Hello Cup.

We’ll show you how a little menstrual cup will change the game when travelling on your period.

It’s more economical

If you’re anything like us (or at least, how we used to be), if you suspected a period intrusion on your getaway plans, you would prepare a little too much. Pads in your clutch, your luggage, your glove compartment. You know, just in case.

Not cheap!

Your dependable, reusable Hello Cup replaces it all, and very quickly provides a return on investment. You can keep one on your person and one backup somewhere safe, and still come out on top. In the US alone, more than $2.8b is spent on pads and tampons every year. Let’s change that.  

The best part? Each Hello Cup will last you for years. 

It’s more manageable

Of course, one small silicone cup is far easier to take with you than packs upon packs of expensive period products.

Travelling light is travelling better, and the Hello Cup takes up a minuscule amount of room in your bag. 

When you’re busy with back-to-back family gatherings or on the road, remembering to change your pads every 4-6 hours can be the height of inconvenience. Your Hello Cup only needs changing twice a day, and if you’re on the go, you can easily keep things sanitary with the Hello Go sterilising spray.

Plus, Hello Cup has the added benefit of not needing to ask your uncle where the nearest bin is for your used pads.

It’s less risky

Have you ever had a leakage situation at the worst possible time? Of course you have. On top of being the world’s most comfortable menstrual cup, Hello Cup is designed specifically not to leak. 

Think, no more awkward requests to borrow some clothes, or sneakily trying to wash the guest bed’s sheets. Holiday bliss.

However, it’s important to note for that no leak life, you need to ensure your Hello Cup fits properly. 

The other thing you won’t have to risk is the very real smell of disposable period products. Your Cup collects the fluid, rather than absorbing it – which is generally the source of those unpleasant odours.

It’s (much) better for the environment

We know we mention this a lot, but it seriously concerns us. It’s estimated around 19 billion single-use menstrual products are used every single year in the States alone. It all ends up in our landfills and waterways, because recycling them is generally deemed too complicated or too expensive.

Now, think of all the pads or tampons you might stock up on for a trip. It all adds up! We’ve designed Hello Cup to not only feel good physically but also scratch that social responsibility itch.

Did you know we’ve saved over 200 million single-use products to date? High-five.

It’s the start of a conversation

Periods might not be something that often comes up in natural conversation. But they should, because they’re totally natural.

If you could improve the period experience of your friends and family, and share an easier, more convenient, more sustainable way, why wouldn’t you?

You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops (though we’re not stopping you). Sometimes, the smallest suggestion can make a world of difference.

Treat your friends to better periods!

In the spirit of giving…

Holidays are about generosity, unwinding from another unpredictable year, sharing the love through food, good times and priceless memories.

We think that support should be extended to our most vulnerable.

Period poverty is real. The fact that so many people with periods in the United States cannot access period care on a regular basis is a cause for serious concern. As something that affects half the population, it boggles our mind that there is still so much stigma around menstruation, and this leads to people being misinformed, confused, and isolated.

We’re better than that. 

That’s why we’re giving a percentage of our profits for every Hello Cup Black sold to the amazing not-for-profit, #HappyPeriod.

#HappyPeriod is dedicated to improving education and removing stigma in the menstrual health space, ensuring every community has access to reliable period products.

And there’s nothing worth celebrating more than that.

So go on, get ready for your next getaway and shop the range!

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