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How Switching to a Menstrual Cup Will Save You Money!

How Switching to a Menstrual Cup Will Save You Money!

It's that time of the month again, and you're faced heading to the section of the supermarket somewhat nastily called ‘feminine hygiene’. The fact that someone out there still thinks this is an appropriate term, kinda grinds our gears but hey, let’s talk about that another time, but in short - there’s nothing unhygienic about getting a period which is why at Hello. we call them what they are: period products.

On average a person using single-use period products such as pads and tampons will spend $13.25 a month which adds up to around $200 every year! That’s a lot. But what’s even scarier is that it amounts to over $6000 during a ‘period lifetime’.

It leads us to why we are always banging on about how amazing reusable period products, like Hello Cups, are. A Hello Cup will last you around 5 years and, while math wasn’t our favorite subject at college - we’ve done our sums and it’s official - the money you save by switching to a Hello Cup is kind of huge: 

  • Hello Cup starts from just $30 and will cover you for up to 5 years’ worth of period care.
  • That’s just $6 a year or $0.50 per month!

You are literally flushing money down the toilet by using single-use menstrual products. So we’re here to tell you to make the switch and spend your cash on better stuff - like your next vacay.

So what is a Hello Cup?

We get it, it looks weird and big. Stay with us and we’ll tell you why they are just as easy to use - and more comfortable than a pad or tampon. 

Like other menstrual cups, Hello Cups are folded and inserted into the vagina. Sure, they might look big but once folded, they are pretty much the same size as a tampon. 

Hello Cups come in three sizes but we also have speciality cups for people with a low or high cervix.

They’re silicone-free, BPA free, hypoallergenic and designed by a registered nurse.


Menstrual Cups VS Tampons and Pads, let’s go!

So why are we team menstrual cup every time? Aside from the cost savings, you can literally insert and forget. They hold up to five times more than a tampon or pad and can be worn for up to 12 hours. You can sleep, swim, hike or run with it in.

Say goodbye to pads bunching up and leaking and adiós to drying, uncomfortable tampons.

Did we mention they’re also better for the environment?

Game, set, match. Hello Cup takes the win.  

So now you know why everyone is raving about Hello Cups, the only thing left to do is work out what to buy with all that money you’ve saved!

Here are some of our top suggestions:

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee
  • Dinner at your fav restaurant
  • Concert tickets
  • A hiking weekend away 
  • Taking your mom out for a surprise breakfast
  • Those new shoes you’ve been eyeing up
  • A new book
  • A massage 

So what are you waiting for? Make the switch to the Hello Cup today and stop flushing money down the toilet.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ section where we have the answers!

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